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    Recently I learned From the newspaper that normal universities belonging to the Education Department would recruit some students free. As a return, the students must serve as a primary school teacher for at least 10years in his hometown. I feel that is a good news for me and I will contact the universities to get enrolld.

    First of all, ads a farmers child, my familys living condition is not so good, I can hardly afford the high tuition of regular universities. I am so happy to get this chance to become a college student and coninue my study.

    Secondly, serving as a teacher is my dream since I was a child. I was brought up in a mountain village. Many of my little friends got poor education and they had to get to work as a teenager. If I become a teacher, I will devote myself to give them better education.

    Lastly, our country is in great need of teachers, especially in rural areas. After I graduate, I will return to my hometown and serve as a good teacher.

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