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    Our City

    I would like to make some recommendations to make your first visit to our town a pleasant one. The busiest street in our town is Prospect Avenue. There are many things to do and see in this street.First, you could visit the Art Museum, where an art show is going on.Directly across the street from the Art Museum is the library. If you would like to buy some books you could cross Third Street and go to the book store. It is on the south side of Prospect Avenue. From there, if you would like a snack, you have several choices. Continuing west on Prospect Avenue you could visit the ice-cream shop, the bakery, or the candy store. Finally, cross Second Street and enjoy all the unusual animals at the pet store.

    To find Prospect Avenue from the train station,turn left on Fourth Street and head south. It is just two blocks to the entrance of the Art Museum. I hope you will enjoy your visit!


    为了让您愉快轻松地参观我们的城市,现在我向您简要介绍一下我们的城市。在我们城市里最繁华的街道是Prospect Avenue初中作文,这条街上你可以看到许多景致,随意买到你喜欢的`东西。首先,你可以参观艺术馆,那里即将举行艺术展。从这里穿过这条街有一座图书馆,如果你想购书的话,你可以穿过第三条街到书店里买,这家书店位于Prospect Avenue的南侧;如果你想就餐,你有好几种选择我作文,沿着这条街继续西行,你就会发现一家冰淇淋店、一家面包店和一家糖果店。最后穿过第二条街,到一家宠物店你可以欣赏到许多与众不同的动物。

    从火车站出来,在第四条街向左转,然后向南直行我作文,即可到达ProsPect AVenue。仅仅通过两个街区我作文,你就会找到艺术馆。希望你玩得开心!

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